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Learning to row Venetian Style




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Learn to row venetian style ! Just try it !

The gondolas are as much (or even more) a part of Venice as the Rialto and San Marco. Venetian Gondolas, as well as many other boats used in Venice, are actually rowed standing upright instead. In my opinion this kind of rowing is not only incredibly beautiful to watch but also pleasant to perform. That is why I committed myself to the task of passing this sport on to as many people as possible in order to allow them to experience and take part in an essential part of Venetian culture.

Until september 2007 I directed a rowing school in Venice called “girovogando”. Since then I offer rowing lessons in Marburg (Germany). Here we have e beautiful river and little lakes to exercise this sport. But I don’t row only in Marburg. From here I organise courses in Venice. For the next date look at the end of this page. Above that it is possible to make further dates.


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