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Learning to row Venetian Style


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Rowing in Marburg

Rowing venetian style belongs to Venice. But actually I am living in Marburg and it is much better to row venetian style in Marburg than not to row at all. Our river, the Lahn, is broad enough and their is nearly no current. The surroundings are very different from Venice but nevertheless I like it. Whats better than in the lagoon is that there are non motor-taxis passing by, creating waves. And living is much cheaper and easier than in Venice.

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Some words about Marburg

Marburg is a little mediaeval town at the river Lahn between Frankfurt and Kassel (Hesse). The castle you find 100 meters above the river. Inbetween there is the town in "Fachwerk" the construction in wood and clay for which Germany is so famous for. It is one of the most beautiful and romantic towns of Germany.
In the 13th century it became important because the holy Elisabeth of Thuringia lived and died here. In the 16th century another important event changed the development of Marburg: The protestant dukes founded one of the first protestant universities in Marburg. Still today the university is beside the pharmaceutical industry a dominant element of the town.

1207 the holy Elisabeth of Ungary was born. Later she got married to the duke of Thuringia.
After her Husband died in 1227, as a widow she became the town and district of Marburg. There she founded a hospital and worked for Elisabethkirche Lettnerthe people. Wenn she died 1231 at the age of 24 she was venerated as a saint and in fact 1235 she was canonised and a splendid church was build over her tomb.

This church is not directly in the centre of the town but where her hospital has been. It is one of the earliest gothic churches in Germany, in elegant forms with rich and important objects. The baldachin of stone over her tomb was decorated with the plants which have been used in those years in hospitals. The case in which have been the bones of Elisabeth until the reformation is gilded and decorated with figures and precious stones. The high altar is one of the very first uprising constructions over an altar in Europ and the coloured glasses of the 13th century windows present scenes of the live of the saint.

The castle over the town has been build as a residence for the grandson of Elisabeth. It is one of the most nobel profane buildings of the time. The gothic chapell of the castle is a very special juwel.

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From the castle you have a wonderful look over the town and the valley of the Lahn.

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