Befana corteo 2007

Learning to row Venetian Style


Requirements and Course Fees

Anyone who would like to take lessons must be healthy and physically fit enough to swim in deep waters without assistance for at least several minutes. Age is not necessary the determining criterion in the matter since some Venetian children already take up rowing at the age of twelve and even elderly citizens can be spotted taking a boat trip now and then. For beginners without any experience with boats, however, it is a different cup of tea. I recommend a minimum age of 14, which can be lowered if size and physique allow it.
There is no concrete limiting age for an introductory course. In this case the determining factor is  general fitness. A senior citizen who is still in good health, able to do most of his or her daily business on foot or even doing some kind of aquatic sport might be better suited for a course than a young couch potato. Spirit and enthusiasm should not be ruled out as well. In the end everyone will more or less have to decide for him or herself according to the guidelines.

One course of 120 minutes costs at Marburg 50,- € per person (2012), two participants at the tham time pay 29,-€ each.
The money has to be paid at the beginning of the course. Courses, which are broken off because of the weather or for reasons, which the school has to represent, are to be payed proportionately (for each 15 minute).
Special offer for school classes: 120 min. for 40, - € for the group. With this offer the informative part on land for all is the most important. Only few pupils (approx. 12) can go for about 15 minutes each with the boat on the water. The details of this offer have to be co-ordinated before.

Palazzo Grassi