Befana corteo 2007

Learning to row Venetian Style


The Lessons

SiAndreas vor San Servolonce I offer courses for tourists, most participants will probably choose not more than three lessons. This time is enough to get to know the most important techniques. Who is only few days in Venice or Marburg, for that more lessons on one day perhaps would be too much and returned at home one does not have a venetian boat. Who remains in Venice for a longer time, this introduction can help as a start to join one of the about 60 rowing associations in Venice. There paying a membership dues you have the possibility of using a boat at any time.

At the beginning of the first lesson there is a detailled introduction with safety references and the bases of the "voga alla veneta": Rows and rowlock (forcola) will be presented, safe standing in the boat, attitude and moving of the row will be shown and explained in their interaction. In the boat you always start as front rower (a prua). At the end of the first lesson also the rowing techAndreas bei San Biagioniques of a rower, who rows alone, are briefly shown and explained.
The second lesson starts again with that rowing in front (a prua), after some time you change to the rear (a poppa). The movement is more or less the same (but on the right side), but as any boat also the boats of the lagoon are steered in the back and this makes it a little bit more difficult.
In the third lesson you get more inhabited to this sport, a little more distances will be possible and there will be the possibillity to try for the first time to move and steer the boat with only one row. According to experience you need at least 7 lessons to manage this technique.
The exact process of the lessons depends on the individual progress of the participants. In the following lessons phases of habituation and the training with phases of further exercises alternate: Maneuvers and the stopping of the boat are practiced, and finally you can try to row alone with two rows (alla vallesana).
After the first two lessons it is even possible to do a longer trip. During a longer trip you can see more of the lagoon (or you just float on the water).

The courses in Venice take place in quiet spaces of the lagoon or chanels in a certain distance to the center.

Rowing in Marburg for many reasons is much easier than in Venice. There are no motor-boats and non strong currents. And life is less expeRudernsive than in Venice.