Befana corteo 2007

Learning to row Venetian Style


General informations

"voga alla veneta" is an activity in free nature and therefore dependent of the weather. At strong wind or strong rain the lessons for safety reasons cannot take place. A stay of one or two days only for the course, planned a long time ago, saves therefore a certain uncertainty although the weather in Venice from April to Octobers is usually very friendly. The easyest thing is to plan a rowing course as an additional activity for a visit in Venice already intended (the same concerning Marburg).

At the moment I am rowing a Mascareta, a light sport boat, in which up to four persons find place. In each case instruction takes place in a traditional wooden boat typical for the lagoon. These traditional boats are presented on various websites.

In july and august on some days it is too warm between 12-16 o'clock for instruction. In the winter months however this time is the best to go out on the water. During winter in Marburg instruction courses can be stopped for some weeks. In Venice instead it is no problem to row in winter

I recommend not to take coffee or tea one hour before the beginning of the lesson because you have to return to the land in order to find a toilet (or you go swimming for some minutes). Since one needs however liquid, you should carry a bottle of water.

No drugs and no alcohol before the course! In the boat are forbidden both as well as smoking.

Instruction can take place in German, Italian, French and English. The instruction language is agreed during the registration.

Bring along: on sunshine sun cream, sun glasses, bright clothing, head coverage and water bottle. In cool weather it is best to wear several thin clothes, which one can carry one above the other. If you like carry something to eat. In addition one needs: good mood, curiosity and internal peace, because "in barca non c'è mai fretta" (in the boat there is no haste).
Julia vor San Marco